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SEVERAL city councils award medals to their uniformed officials and others. These medals rank after national and provincial honours, and may not be worn together with official awards unless the president has given approval for this.

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Ribbons of South African municipal medals

Cape Town

Cape Town, founded in 1652, is the provincial capital of the Western Cape, and the legislative capital of the Republic.

Bravery Medal (1919- ) — For bravery. Originally established for the fire brigade, but later extended to all citizens.

Insignia: A silver medal.

Mayor's Medal — For meritorious voluntary community service, involving a high degree of dedication and sacrifice, which is of lasting benefit to the citizens of Cape Town. Awarded annually.

Fire Brigade 150th Anniversary Medal (1995) — Issued to mark the brigade's 150th anniversary in 1995.

Insignia: A bronze circular medal, displaying the anniversary logo (a wreathed fireman's helmet over the numerals 150 (obverse) and the city coat of arms (reverse).

Fire Brigade Long Service Medal (1919- ) — Awarded to city firemen after 10 years service. Clasps are added after additional 5-year periods of service.

Insignia: A silver circular medal, displaying the city coat of arms (obverse) and a wreathed fireman's helmet with the words "For Long and Faithful Service - Vir Lange en Troue Diens" (reverse).

Traffic Department Long Service Medal (1933- )

East London

The Eastern Cape port city of East London, founded in 1836, is now part of the Buffalo City municipality.

Fire Brigade Long Service Medal: Silver (1942- ) — For 20 years service in the municipal fire brigade.

Fire Brigade Long Service Medal: Bronze (1942- ) — For 10 years service in the municipal fire brigade.


The Gauteng gold-mining town of Germiston, founded in 1886, is now part of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council.

Fire Brigade Long Service Medal (1947-61)

Long Service Medal (1966-73)


The gold-mining city of Johannesburg was founded in 1886 and is now the provincial capital of Gauteng.

Bravery Medal (1956-73) — For bravery in the line of duty by 'non-European' uniformed staff. Awarded in gold, silver, and bronze.

Insignia: A circular medal displaying the Johannesburg city coat of arms (obverse).

Johannesburg Fire Services Medal

Insignia: A circular silver medal depicting the Johannesburg Fire Service emblem (obverse) and a fireman carrying a woman out of a building (reverse).


Pretoria, founded in 1855, is the administrative capital of South Africa. It is now part of the Tshwane Metropolitan Council.

Annual Award to Mayor and Mayoress (1939- )

Pretoria Citizens' Service Medal (1919) — see under Unofficial military awards

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